FoodOn Instant Formula

FoodOn is coded as an OWL ontology, and is offered in the rdf/xml text file format which is quite cryptic. For instant consumption of FoodOn terms, their hierarchy and synonyms, we have generated a tabular output file in root folder of the github repository called foodon_synonyms.tsv. The first column is a term id, and the second column lists one or more parent terms (to accommodate a polyhierarchy view), and the last column lists label and kinds of synonym.

This includes FOODON_NNNNNNNN identifiers as well as imported terms from CDNO, NCIBTaxon, CHEBI and other ontologies. It is refreshed every time the main foodon.owl file is refreshed.

We will also be adding taxonomy and anatomy information here soon!

How we did it

This is actually generated by a single SPARQL query described in the SPARQL #1: Basic querying section.