Harvest state facet

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A facet that allows us to link an organism as a whole, like a fish, or an organism anatomical part or body product, like milk, to a pre-harvest, harvestable, or harvested food material. This applies to all organisms – fungi, plants, and animals, to say that it or a part of it has been removed from its domestic or wild rearing context. An instance of a food product can be assigned to one of these classes:

In a graph database, a food item can be an instance of a pre-harvest, harvestable, or harvested food material class.

FoodOn doesn’t currently explicitly have this facet or logic to infer it in its food product hierarchy items. An “apple (whole)” listed under apple food product might or might not be harvested. Although other products like “apple (sliced)” would certainly be derived from harvested apples, this logic isn’t currently in FoodOn.