Design detail sections:

We have begun the process of creating logical definitions for a large number of food products that were introduced by way of the LanguaL-indexed SIREN database. Currently these products are organized manually under the “foodon food product” facet hierarchy, but this will be transformed into an inferred structure as product definitions are updated. FoodOn has LanguaL identifiers for references to all LanguaL food source items and other facet descriptors that FoodOn has imported. However, ontology relations allow us to improve the way components and processes are represented in order to sow the benefits of automated reasoning on food product schemas.

We were recently asked “what is you highest level term that is the parent of all foods?” All references to whole plant or animal organisms are positioned under “food source” (FOODON:03411564). Note that one can use those terms without necessarily implying a food consumer context; i.e. “cattle” can be used in the context of animal veterinary information.

Secondly the “foodon product type” (FOODON:00001002) class consists of food products. FoodOn also has a number of other agency food categorization schemes as subclasses of “food product type“, however these are being kept isolated from the “foodon product type” branch currently. We expect agency schemes to be cross referenced to relevant “Foodon product types by way of the “has member” relation, thus enabling agency branches to have their own is-a subclass-class relations, that are logically insulated from the foodon hierarchy where incompatibilities exist with the agency groupings.