Reuse – technical

Using FoodOn (or other ontology) terms in your database, application or ontology

A variety of methods applicable to most ontologies are supplied below for retrieving ontology vocabulary in OWL format or as tabular data related to each entity. FoodOn itself is a very large ontology, especially if one includes all food product type facets, so one may need a way to just select specific terms and axioms for a smaller import file.

  • Using SPARQL to get tab delimited or json formatted content, e.g. labels and synonyms.
  • Using OntoFox to get a branch or selected subset of ontology terms. This can also be used in conjunction with a SPARQL query result for listing the terms of interest to configure OntoFox with.
  • Using Stanford Protégé (desktop) we show how ids and labels of a hierarchy of terms can be grabbed; as well there is one particular SPARQL query tool we recommend for use within Protege.
  • Using SPARQL via Python and RDFLIB for scripted access.

A list of other projects reusing FoodOn is here.