Food transformation process

A “food transformation process” is process involving the physical transformation of a food source or food product into some derived organic material or food product. All of FoodOn’s food transformation processes are now kept in this google sheet for easy editing and extension. A robot command (provided in tab of spreadsheet) is run on a text file version of the table to convert it into an ontology import file.

In a graph database, a food class or instance can be “output of” a food process. Conversely, a food process can “have output” some food material or product.

In FoodOn for example a food by quality “food (baked)” is “output of” some “food baking” process. Processes add or take away qualities from food materials.

Modelling of processes should distinguish between linear and parallel process application, otherwise a combination of possibly contradictory set of processes occurs, for example, when “kale (frozen)” results from both blanching and freezing processes, which are in fact applied linearly to yield “raw kale –> blanched kale –> frozen kale”.