Other resources that we have found useful.


Hsiao Lab is developing LexMapr, a program for converting shorter biosample text descriptions to an ontology representation. It uses FoodOn, Envo, and other ontologies, and is initially focused on food sample descriptions.

The Global Names Architecture (GNA) is a system of web-services which helps people to register, find, index, check and organize biological scientific names and interconnect on-line information about species.


FoodOn: a harmonized food ontology to increase global food traceability, quality control and data integration
Our inaugural FoodOn paper, available as a pdf at or on the web at .

FOOD: FOod in Open Data
A recent linked data effort to represent Italian products that have protected names (wine, pasta, fish, oil, etc.).

Fungi as a source of Food
A thorough introduction to a wide range of human food Fungi applications.

An Ontology to Standardize Research Output of Nutritional Epidemiology: From Paper-Based Standards to Linked Content
A recent ontology development effort focused on the adequate description of nutritional studies with an epidemiology aspect.

ONS: an ontology for a standardized description of interventions and observational studies in nutrition.
This paper introduces the Ontology for Nutritional Studies (ONS), a Basic Formal Ontology compatible ontology that harmonizing selected pre-existing de facto ontologies with novel health and nutritional terminology classifications in order to describe nutritional studies.