Milk products

FoodOn must accommodate the many kinds of milk products – pasteurized, irradiated, powdered, whole or skim milk, butter, cheese, yogurt; canned, frozen, bagged – and a number of animals milk can be derived from. The diagram below shows how “cow milk based food product” is derived from “cow milk (raw)” which is produced by “cow (food source)” as a “milk (mammary secretion)”. In this way we can list many kinds of cow milk product and know logically that they were derived from cow milk. A specific product can have more elaborate axioms that indicate how it is created from processes that ultimately lead back to raw cow milk.

The branches below show how many cow milk products in FoodOn are currently organized. We are gradually adjusting this hierarchy from what was originally a flat list of milk products.

Here various animal raw milks are connected to the UBERON superclass of “milk (mammary secretion)” which we have organized under a general “milk or milk component” class.